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Ten Years After: MPI-UnTRIM’s past and future

The presentation summarizes in a rather informal and philosophical, but thoroughly informative way the development history of the MPI version of UnTRIM ten years after finalizing the parallel code applied subsequently for practical projects at BAW.

Transparencies from the talk delivered on 15th UnTRIM Workshop in Trento (28-30th May 2018) are available.

Parallel streamline tracking for Telemac

Jacek A. Jankowski. Parallel streamline tracking for Telemac, 15th Telemac User Club, Chatou, 9-10 October 2008.

The Telemac adaptation of the parallel streamline tracking algorithm for the domain decomposition method, originally developed for the MPI version of UnTRIM, is described in detail. Continue reading

Very high resolution numerical modelling for inland waterway design

R. Patzwahl, J.A. Jankowski, T. Lege

Abstract. The paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of numerical modelling of rivers with a grid of very high resolution using the new MPI version of UnTRIM as the computational engine. The main aim of the investigation is to assess the economy of this approach taking especially into account the effort required for the mesh generation and its modification, which is usually laborious in the case of coarser meshes requiring exact reproduction of structure lines defining the flow. Continue reading

Mathematical Model UnTRIM – MPI Version Manual

Jacek A. Jankowski

Abstract. This document is aimed to provide the user of the MPI version of UnTRIM with necessary information for the installation, compilation and especially execution of the software. Continue reading