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Coupling Telemac and Sisyphe internally

Jacek A. Jankowski. Coupling Telemac and Sisyphe internally, 9th Telemac User Club, Karlsruhe, 17-18 October 2002.

One of the disadvantages of the Telemac system is the traditional public library software structure based on of freely linkable Fortran functions with open parameter lists, being a legacy from the original Fortran-77 development in 1980-years. Fortran-90 modules are presently applied only for providing global variables of the system components, which is an incomplete solution. This works well with vertical programs-libraries hierarchy, but when a horizontal coupling between libraries or programs is necessary, awkward and unnecessary problems appear, alone due to the overlapping names of variables and the input/output conflicts.

The presentation proposes the encapsulation of the Telemac system principal components in the form of proper Fortran-90 modules providing correct module interfaces. Continue reading

Telemac auf Origin2000 — Erste Erfahrungen

Rebekka Kopmann and Jacek A. Jankowski

Telemac auf Origin2000 — Erste Erfahrungen. Supercomputing News 1/2000 (BAW Hamburg).

The article describes the hands-on experiences by changing the principal supercomputer architecture from the vector to the parallel one, connected with the purchase of a shared-memory parallel SGI Origin 2000 machine by BAW for its Karlsruhe site. Continue reading

Telemac 5.0 — Eine konservative Revolution

Jacek A. Jankowski and Jean-Michel Hervouet

Telemac 5.0 — Eine konservative Revolution. Supercomputing News 4/1999, BAW Hamburg.

The article describes the re-implementation of the Telemac system software from Fortran-77 to Fortran-90 and changes in the code due to the much larger possibilities of the newer programming language.