Coupling Telemac and Sisyphe internally

Jacek A. Jankowski. Coupling Telemac and Sisyphe internally, 9th Telemac User Club, Karlsruhe, 17-18 October 2002.

One of the disadvantages of the Telemac system is the traditional public library software structure based on of freely linkable Fortran functions with open parameter lists, being a legacy from the original Fortran-77 development in 1980-years. Fortran-90 modules are presently applied only for providing global variables of the system components, which is an incomplete solution. This works well with vertical programs-libraries hierarchy, but when a horizontal coupling between libraries or programs is necessary, awkward and unnecessary problems appear, alone due to the overlapping names of variables and the input/output conflicts.

The presentation proposes the encapsulation of the Telemac system principal components in the form of proper Fortran-90 modules providing correct module interfaces. This technology allows independent name spaces in the Telemac system components (and therefore also independent developments there), as well as secures their coupling in a straightforward and strictly defined way. The full encapsulation can be easily reached even with minimum changes in the original code. This technology is demonstrated in the case of internal coupling between the Telemac-2D hydrodynamic and Sisyphe morphodynamic components (Telsis), and illustrated with programming examples. Finally, a thorough re-engineering of the Telemac software to the modern Fortran is proposed.

Transparencies are available.