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Efficient river modelling applying subgrid technology (UnTRIM2)

Two subsequent presentations on the 13th UnTRIM Workshop 2016 with the same title Efficient river modelling applying subgrid technology (UnTRIM2), the first part concerning concept and grids, presented by Regina Patzwahl, and the second part concerning results, presented by Jacek A. Jankowski. Continue reading

Parallel implementation of a non-hydrostatic model for free surface flows with semi-Lagrangian advection treatment

Jacek A. Jankowski

Abstract. The parallel implementation of an unstructured-grid, three-dimensional, semi-implicit finite difference and finite volume model for the free surface Navier-Stokes equations (UnTRIM) is presented and discussed. The new developments are aimed to make the code available for high performance computing in order to address larger, complex problems in environmental free surface flows. Continue reading

Parallel streamline tracking for Telemac

Jacek A. Jankowski. Parallel streamline tracking for Telemac, 15th Telemac User Club, Chatou, 9-10 October 2008.

The Telemac adaptation of the parallel streamline tracking algorithm for the domain decomposition method, originally developed for the MPI version of UnTRIM, is described in detail. Continue reading

Mathematical Model UnTRIM – MPI Version Manual

Jacek A. Jankowski

Abstract. This document is aimed to provide the user of the MPI version of UnTRIM with necessary information for the installation, compilation and especially execution of the software. Continue reading

Verification and validation of the parallel UnTRIM

Jacek A. Jankowski. Verification and validation of the parallel UnTRIM, 5th UnTRIM Workshop, Trento, 19-21 May 2008.

A new UnTRIM version has been released (see Casulli 2008), featuring better data locality, improved interpolations in the advection scheme and, the most important, a radically new mass-conservative iterative approach to drying and wetting treatment based on Newton iterations with a proven convergence. In the presentation, detailed issues detected during the verification and validation of the refreshed MPI-parallel “2009” version of UnTRIM are presented, treated and resolved. Continue reading