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Efficient river modelling applying subgrid technology (UnTRIM2)

Two subsequent presentations on the 13th UnTRIM Workshop 2016 with the same title Efficient river modelling applying subgrid technology (UnTRIM2), the first part concerning concept and grids, presented by Regina Patzwahl, and the second part concerning results, presented by Jacek A. Jankowski. Continue reading

UnTRIM applications for fluvial flows

Jacek A. Jankowski. UnTRIM applications for fluvial flows, 1st UnTRIM Workshop, Verona, 7-9 June 2004.

Attracted by the proven and excellent mathematical properties of the scheme and the ongoing OpenMP parallelisation of the UnTRIM code, BAW Karlsruhe has initiated an internal investigation to assess the feasibility of the freshly developed code for the engineering applications concerning river flows. Continue reading