UnTRIM applications for fluvial flows

Jacek A. Jankowski. UnTRIM applications for fluvial flows, 1st UnTRIM Workshop, Verona, 7-9 June 2004.

Attracted by the proven and excellent mathematical properties of the scheme and the ongoing OpenMP parallelisation of the UnTRIM code, BAW Karlsruhe has initiated an internal investigation to assess the feasibility of the freshly developed code for the engineering applications concerning river flows. Applying a two-dimensional (vertically integrated) model for The Lower Rhine River by the town of Wesel, adapted from a Telemac/Sisyphe model, and venturing a (hand-made!) orthogonalisation of the model mesh with Janet mesh generator, we have arrived at the very positive assessment of the code capabilities for our purposes. The most issues we are concerned with, is the way in which the inflow boundary conditions are formulated (sources) and the way in which the horizontal momentum dispersion/diffusion is treated (an explicit operator), which is a key issue for the waterlevel-independent calibration of 2D vertically integrated models. The possibilities to improve the inflow boundary conditions are discussed , as well as the treatment of the horizontal dispersion/diffusion terms crucial for applying the 2D turbulence modeling.

Transparencies are available.