Further developments of UnTRIM: parallel implementation and its verification

Jacek A. Jankowski. Further developments of UnTRIM: parallel implementation and its verification, ISEH V – IAHR Fifth International Symposium on Environmental Hydraulics, 2007, Tempe, Arizona, USA.

This presentation is complementary to the contributed conference paper. It is a summary of all stages of the development of the parallel version of UnTRIM applying the domain decomposition method and message passing (MPI):

  • The basic properties of UnTRIM algoritm.
  • The domain decomposition method for point-to-point message swapping between mesh partitions appropriate for the most parts of the algorithm.
  • Parallelisation of the Lagrangian advection scheme with MPI object-oriented streamline tracking over neighboring partitions and global communication for delivering the results.
  • Verification and validation of the MPI implementation.
  • Scalability of the implementation on a SGI Altix 3600 applying a 700k-cells 2D-model and 8m-cells 3D-model of a river.
  • High resolution modeling outlook: we have a robust, efficient and accurate scheme with
    • second order accuracy in space and time,
    • unconditional stability,
    • very good scalability.

Transparencies are available.