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Ships in a river and a river with ships – a concept

A concept for a project for a mathematical model for ship-waterway interactions treated in the geophysical mesoscale. i.e with the resolutions typical to geophysical models of water bodies. It is a conceptual work inevitably containing reviews and work results of others with numerous quotations and references. Acknowledgements at the end of the presentation.

In the envisioned approach the waterway is treated equally important as the moving ship, with a holistic approach to natural flows (rivers, channels) and the ship being a disturbance generator as well as an object reacting to the surrounding current. Shores an the bottom of the water body are treated as well as boundary conditions as the objects of an impact by a moving vessel. The formal research domain can be qualified as a ship in confined shallow water, but in this case the confined water body in the presence of ships attracts the equal attention.

Transparencies of the presentation are available, presented on the 14th UnTRIM Workshop in Trento on 15th May 2017.